Uproar in Gold Mining Stocks

The price index of the world’s gold mining stocks has continued to increase at an avid pace in a direct relationship with the rising price of the popular precious metal, gold. This has created a major rush in the mining industry in the past 10 years with an increase in the value of gold of over 400% since Y2K. Investors are on watch if this trend will continue on for the following months or even years to come. The price of this precious metal is expected to soon reach a benchmark of around $1,500 per ounce however; experts predict it may also experience further price grains due to the unpopularity and deflation of the U.S. Dollar and also the political unrest in the middle-east and also in several parts of Africa. As history would have it, when the world is in crisis or turmoil, the price of gold tends to rise.

The future of exploration companies is bright with precious and base metal prices moving upwards with the steady demand from the world’s economy. For those who would prefer investing a portion of their wealth in gold or gold mining stocks; their current portfolio could soon be expecting gains. Mining companies are flocking to locations such as the European country ofAlbania to find and extract commercial quantities. It is considered that these locations are under explored for natural resources and metals. Today we are seeing many well financed companies looking to relatively unexplored areas such as Albania in hopes to make some very sizable profits and further the development of the countries natural resources.

GoldenTouch Resources (GOT.V) is quickly earning a solid reputation for developing potentially large mining and exploration projects in the country of Albania. They are looking at the elements of gold, chromite and platinum for large scale commercial production. Gold and elements produced in Albania can be considered more attractive in the global market due to low taxation figures, very advanced infrastructure, and lower operational costs compared to European standards.The company has recently announced that they have begun an aggressive drilling program on their flagship gold project. This drill program will help define and verify the existing Gold Zone that is believed to contain anywhere from between 400,000 – 800,000 ounces of gold. In addition to this already discovered zone, there are an additional 6 high priority gold zones that should demand further drill testing and analyzation due to the fact that the additional zones have visible gold showings at either surface or near surface depths.

Golden Touch Resources is looking to add some serious value to the company’s current market capitalization by simply increasing their gold resource estimate from this next round of drilling and geological analysis. With that being said, there is much news flow expected over the next several months both during the company’s 2011 work campaign on their Albanian exploration projects. With the price of both precious metals and base metals expected to increase over the months to come, Golden Touchwill be drilling aggressively in hopes to increase the company’s mineral rich assets in Albania.

Golden Touch Resources trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol GOT.V and also on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 0GT. For more information, please visit the company website at:



3 responses to “Uproar in Gold Mining Stocks

  • L.S. Ryan

    Good article…I wonder how long till we see the results from the recently announced drill program ?

  • Londutch

    Results from this drill program should be positive if they are indeed verification drill testing.

  • Gerry Conway

    This company has a strong credibility and a solid reputation. I actually signed up to their news letter and just waiting for my fund manager to give me a go to buy their shares. I find the risk worth it if you ask me.

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