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Golden Possibilities for Open-Pit Mining

Open-pit mining is a technique that is used by mining companies to extract large amounts of mineral rich materials from beneath the surface. It is a term that is used to differentiate the method of recovering precious metals, stones, and minerals from beneath the earth’s overburden.

Golden Touch Resources (GOT.V) is a company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, with hopes to develop a number of open-pit mining sites to extract a recently discovered mineral rich area located in northern Albania for gold, chromite, and platinum group elements. The market timing in the hunt for gold, chromite, and platinum couldn’t be better. Gold is the precious metal we all have heard about with recent record breaking trading prices just under $1500 per ounce. Chromite, on the other hand, is the key ingredient in high grade and stainless steel. It is essentially the ingredient that gives the steel its shine. With an estimated net present value of over $200 million dollars’ worth of Chromite lying beneathGolden Touch Resources’ Albanian mining claims, this asset is one of the key factors to the company’s luster in today’s international mining markets. Continue reading


Uproar in Gold Mining Stocks

The price index of the world’s gold mining stocks has continued to increase at an avid pace in a direct relationship with the rising price of the popular precious metal, gold. This has created a major rush in the mining industry in the past 10 years with an increase in the value of gold of over 400% since Y2K. Investors are on watch if this trend will continue on for the following months or even years to come. The price of this precious metal is expected to soon reach a benchmark of around $1,500 per ounce however; experts predict it may also experience further price grains due to the unpopularity and deflation of the U.S. Dollar and also the political unrest in the middle-east and also in several parts of Africa. As history would have it, when the world is in crisis or turmoil, the price of gold tends to rise. Continue reading